Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Packaging Mould


Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Packaging Mould such as PET Preform Mould, Cap & Closure Mould, Food Container Mould and PVC Cap Molds from Ahmedabad.

PET Preform Mould


Item Code :  9

We are one of the top-ranked companies which are in the line of manufacture, export and import of a wide range of high quality of PET Preform Mould. In the array of our products are also included these industrial precision moulds. These industrial precision moulds are generally used for the manufacture of industrial instruments and tools made of highly robust and tensile materials. These moulds are very much efficient in imparting even the minute and fine order of shapes to the metallic equipments. Our industrial precision moulds are available to our clients at a very beneficial range of prices.




  • Extremely high quality material used
  • Resistant towards high temperatures
  • Quick and reliable
  • Rust free
  • Available for all the required shapes


Cap & Closure Mould


Item Code :  02

Along with several other high-class products, we are also bringing in the market these most excellent quality moulds. These Cap & Closure Mould are made up of extremely high quality materials which are capable of taking even highly elevated temperatures. These moulds are used to impart the required shape to the metallic body of the machining tools. Our moulds are renowned for its high quality output and perfectly shaping efficiency. Our moulds are available for a wide range of industrial equipments and tools. These moulds are being offered to our clients at very commendable prices.




  • Robust construction
  • Effective and efficient
  • Long lasting material quality
  • Imparts as-required dimensions
  • Fast and reliable



  • Mould steel: P20/718/2738/NAK80/45#/H13 for your option
  • Mould base: LKM available,SC45#, SC50#
  • Mould cavity No.: Single cavity to multi cavity
  • Guarantee Mould Life: 3 million shots
  • Mould Components: HASCO standard, DME standard

Food Container Mould


Item Code :  1

Tanishq Industrial Molding (TIM) is a leading manufacturer of Food Container Mould with high quality custom molded and painted plastic products and assemblies. TIM has manufacturing processes which encompasses capabilities in SMC Compression Molding, Reaction Injection Molding and Thermoforming. The primary marketplaces that we service, but are not limited to, are the agricultural, industrial, construction, forestry and military markets. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, focusing on safety, quality, and delivery; to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.



  • The mold(s) should always have interlocks for both cavities and cores
  • The mold(s) shall be generally provided with venting facilities. These venting facilities shall be provided at the end of the flow way and near to flow lines
  • The mold(s) should be equipped with feed for its handing. When it is not possible to put feet, use a stand for supporting the mold and storage
  • The eye bolt thread in the mold(s) should be made in such a manner that the suspension remains in balance (Equidistant from the center of mass)
  • In the base plates (Upper and Lower) there should be four holes with threads with the same dimensions as the eye bolt
  • Make undercuts in the corners between the plates to make easy the disassemble of the mold

PVC Cap Molds


e are involved in offering a wide range of PVC Caps Mold to our most valued clients. Our range of PVC Cap Mold is widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. We offer our range of PVC caps Mold at most affordable prices.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Cost effective



  • Mould steel: P20/718/2738/NAK80/45#/H13 for your option
  • Mould base: LKM available, Chinese mould base, SC45#, SC50#
  • Mould cavity No.: single cavity to multi cavity.
  • Runner types: hot runner/cold runner or according to clients’ requirement.
  • You can use Yudo hot runner, made in Korea, Moldmaster hot runner made in Canada, Synventive etc.
  • Guarantee Mould Life: 3 million shots
  • Mould Components: HASCO standard, DME standard.